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Why should you choose DeCero?

Commitment - Planning - Preliminary study - Management

DeCero Home Improvements and Projects is a company located in Benalmadena-Arroyo de la Miel that runs complete remodeling projects throughout the Province of Malaga. Our years of experience and especially the way in which we work back us up. We commit to our clients by assisting them at every stage of the project. We plan and coordinate everything necessary for them not to worry about anything at any of the stages. we carry out a preliminary study to identify our clients’ needs and preferences as regards the improvement they want to make. We take care of all the project formalities of the project that have to be complied with: permits, licenses and general administrative tasks. We meet the agreed deadlines. We deliver projects on time.

We plan a dream and make it come true

Bathroom remodeling

We carry out the complete remodeling of your bathroom. We also assist you with your project design and the materials selection based on your budget.
We will use scale photorealistic images to show you design proposals on the space for you to see what the project will look like after it is finished.

  • Control and repair of plumbing installations
  • Tiling
  • Installation of bathtubs and shower trays.
  • Installation of sanitary wear and furniture.
Improvements of commercial premises and offices

Our team's ongoing supervision allows us to maintain high efficiency with a special and quality finish that our clients are grateful for. We work collaboratively and closely and guarantee the speed in the implementation of projects.
We offer our clients to provide them with commercial equipment and a special office, where each object is part of a whole, taking into account the image of your brand or franchise. We provide our clients with personalized assistance for each project and we look for innovative solutions that allow us to respond creatively to their requests.
Our group of professionals are trained to deliver the highest quality of work.

We may take part in the construction, extension and remodeling of offices and commercial works, such us:

  • Commercial premises.
  • Offices.
  • Playrooms.
  • Franchise premises
  • Construction works for franchises chains.
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    Mailing address: Avenida  Ciudad de Melilla 24 local 37 | Arroyo de la Miel, Benalmadena.

    Phone: +34 722 263 334