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Commitment - Planning - Preliminary study - Management

DeCero Home Improvements and Projects is a company located in Benalmadena-Arroyo de la Miel that runs complete remodeling projects throughout the Province of Malaga. Our years of experience and especially the way in which we work back us up. We commit to our clients by assisting them at every stage of the project. We plan and coordinate everything necessary for them not to worry about anything at any of the stages. we carry out a preliminary study to identify our clients’ needs and preferences as regards the improvement they want to make. We take care of all the project formalities of the project that have to be complied with: permits, licenses and general administrative tasks. We meet the agreed deadlines. We deliver projects on time.


At DeCero Home Improvements and Projects, we transform your home into a sustainable home. We install solar panel systems developed with the latest technology, not only in single-family homes, but also in multi-family dwellings or big facilities. We aim at respecting and taking care of the environment

We offer the best possible solutions for clients to save on electricity bills, as we work for sustainable and efficient energy consumption. In addition, we work on power adaptation, LED illumination systems and the installation of solar panels.

Solar energy, an inexhaustible energy source with several advantages:

It is an inexhaustible energy source.
It does not pollute.
It contributes to sustainable development.
Once the photovoltaic system has been installed, energy is free and it requires low maintenance.
Electricity expenses are reduced. The installation cost is an investment in the short and long term.
•Power adaptation

We examine the historical data on the power required by supply and we carry out an analysis to hire power according to its demand, thereby maximising the energy saving. We have a team of experts who will provide you with the necessary assistance.

•LED illumination system at home

Contact us if you would like to get the best LED illumination system installation. We will help you with everything you need in order to greatly increase energy efficiency at home and take care of the environment.

• Heating and solar heater

We are thermal solar energy installers and we bring renewable energies closer to any kind of client by offering a fair price together with personalised designs that adjust to each home’s actual needs. In addition, we offer a study on consumption and a technical report, which do not imply any kind of obligation over the possible improvements that we recommend.


We carry out electrical installations and repair any kind of power failures. Our electricians are trained to install, repair, replace and maintain electrical components, as well as electricity control and distribution equipment, such as switches, relays, sensors, distribution board and other electrical appliances.

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