How to transform a children’s room into a youth room

How to transform a children's room into a youth room

Do you remember what your room was like when you were little or small? Did you share it with your siblings? Surely there came a time when you wanted a youth room because you felt older.

The same thing happens to our children. Time goes by; they, growing up and the room, are no longer as comfortable or need new furniture and more space.

Change is inevitable! Here we tell you some points about a topic that usually worries parents. DeCero knows perfectly different ways to optimize that space or enlarge it.

What can we do?

1- A new range of colors for a youth room

The first step to convert a children's room into a youth room will undoubtedly be to rethink the appropriate range of colors that you are going to want to use. 

From the pastel tones in blue, yellow, green and pink, characteristic of the rooms of the little ones, the ideal is that you go on to combinations where more muted and neutral colors predominate, such as gray, navy, polka dots, lavender or white.

Tonalities that you should combine on walls and textiles, such as curtains, sheets and quilts.

Once you have decided on your range of colors, the action that will most help you to give a new air to that room will be to paint it in that new tone that you have already chosen.

When it comes to doing so, you can be more traditional and paint all the walls, or bet on creating a more dynamic space that provides a greater sense of spaciousness.

In this case, you can choose to highlight one of the walls over others, create an original motif, or paint all the walls, but only up to approximately 2/3 of their height.

This is an increasingly booming trend in decoration. Since by joining the upper part of the walls with the ceiling, a greater feeling of spaciousness is generated and the spaces are dematerialized.

2 –Renew the furniture for a youth room

The children grow up. And with them the size and quantity of their clothes, their toys and a wide variety of small treasures.

That is why another step to take into account when it comes time to reform a room with these characteristics, will be to renew its furniture. Placing new shelves, a larger bed and creating enough storage spaces, reforming both the exterior and interior of the cabinets, will be essential.

As ideas for the latter case, you can consider the options of new shelves adapted to place shoes, a loft where you can store what is no longer used, or install small drawers for accessories.

3 – Create a study space in a youth room

In this evolution towards maturity, children dedicate less and less time to their hours of play, to dedicate them to other tasks, mainly studying.

For that reason it will be very important to create a good corner where they can do their homework and learn with as few distractions as possible.

A good desk with good lighting will be essential for this, and even better if you can spatially differentiate that corner. For this you can resort to introducing a decorative border, a different color on the wall or placing a small shelf.

4 –A corner to practice hobbies

One thing you should take care of is that, despite the fact that they are getting older, it is good that they continue practicing those hobbies that are helping them to mature and create their own personality.

For this reason, it will be essential to preserve that small corner where they can continue practicing their hobbies, or have the materials to do so at hand. An area to leave the guitar or that musical instrument that they are learning to play, the racket for tennis classes, or the sports bag for their dance or taekwondo classes.

5- change of furniture

Your child has grown up and no longer wants to have vinyl figures with dolls or themed bedrooms. He is in his teens and wants a "youth room."

The first thing we can do is distribute the room differently, giving more weight to the bed, which is now a sofa during the day and a bed at night.

Forget beige paint and opt for more sober colors like gray combined with white. And choose much simpler and more functional furniture.

6- need extra storage

We are not aware of the importance of storage. Your child no longer has to store so many toys, but more clothes, shoes and accessories.

Extra storage can be incorporated into the youth room in many ways, also through functional furniture, which integrates very well in youth bedrooms; for example, under the bed.

7- details with personality

There is no doubt that your son or daughter has left behind the age of having a children's room. She has her own character and wants to decide on the decoration of her youth bedroom.

Give free rein to his imagination and let him customize the furniture as he wishes. After all, it is his private plot.

8- Built-in cabinets

When two brothers share a bedroom, it is important to establish the space for each of them and that both are comfortable.

Built-in wardrobes are a good solution to enable more space in the youth bedroom and give it to the rest or study area.

At DeCero we plan the space of the cabinets and design them inside according to the needs of your children.

9- Youth themed rooms

If your children like a theme, such as animals, history or space, and want to decorate their bedroom based on it, why not grant them that wish?

There are very cheap firms with a multitude of possibilities, vinyl for walls that are very easy to apply and remove. Very cool accessories that give a very personal touch to the room. And the result is a very original and unique space for them.

10- The lighting

A separate chapter deserves illumination. A youth room will need different points of light in the room depending on the teenager, but at least 3 will be necessary: ​​one for the bedside table, another for the study area and a third on the ceiling to illuminate the entire room or area. reading or hobby, if you have space.

11- A sofa

If your children's bedroom is big enough, adding a sofa or a corner to share their secrets with their colleagues will make them very happy.

Teenagers usually prefer to meet with their friends rather than with their parents and you must accept it, so try to understand this stage that they are experiencing by incorporating a place for it.

These are some of the ideas that we tell you about at DeCero .

When we visit the place and talk about the new needs for that room, we can show you different options. It’s very important:

Define the Budget and establish a list of essentials .

Also, keep in mind that during the realization details will appear that you did not contemplate, such as a plug or a lamp that must be moved, or a piece of furniture that you wanted to keep but you have thought better of it.

Your needs :

If your reform belongs to the change of a children’s room in a youth bedroom, you will need not only to renovate children’s rooms in general, but more specifically the furniture, or at least some pieces.

Among the essentials will be the mattress, a desk of adequate size, an optimal desk chair for long hours of study and work, good lighting, etc…

If your budget allows it, you can choose to manufacture the furniture to measure and thus optimize the space as much as possible. Your needs may begin by joining two small rooms and getting the youth bedroom that your children need to continue their development.

Or in your case, is a good heating or air conditioning installation a priority?

Whatever your needs are, you must define them, in order of importance, from highest to lowest, starting with the precise tasks and ending with the desired ones.

Ask your children:

He talks a lot with them, proposes ideas, and always reaches an intermediate point.

Think long term:

If you don’t want to do reforms again when they finish high school, you will have to think a little more in the long term. This means from choosing functional furniture that adapts to the passage of time and that grows with the child

The Technological Age:

We are in the technological age , something that our children are much better than us, so in their youth bedroom (especially in youth) we find tablets, laptops, mobile phones, game consoles, televisions, headphones, keyboards or electric guitars! loader truck!

Well, you know that they need everything and everything at the same time! And much more now with online classes, job platforms, groups of friends, games.

That they also have to have time to play if they are responsible and fulfill their obligations. For this reason, the importance of plugs and that they are well distributed is paramount.

At DeCero we study distribution and we know how to achieve it, reforming, to optimize the electrical installation