Why is it important to maintain neighborhood communities?

Why is it important to maintain neighborhood communities?

The buildings are designed to stand for many years

They can resist many things, from strong winds to even earthquakes. However, over time, construction materials will require maintenance so that they can be kept in optimal conditions.

The communities are of that type of constructions that require constant and specialized care and maintenance. A large number of families with different requirements live in these residential areas. This causes the facilities to suffer greater wear and tear in all areas.

This wear and tear can cause significant damage to its infrastructure and give all the families that live there a hard time. Imagine having a community-wide infestation of rats or a problem with your drains. These are things that affect everyone and for this the intervention of professionals who can solve the problem is necessary.

Currently, there are a multitude of neighborhood communities. Some of them are very large and others, however, are smaller in size. Be that as it may, all of them need daily or short-term maintenance to prevent problems and damage from arising over time. The needs will vary depending on the facilities that the community has, its size or the number of neighbors, but, in the end, there are a series of general recommendations to achieve the correct maintenance of the community.

Maintaining the community of neighbors has become key to ensuring that the property does not lose its market value and to avoid confrontation between neighbors when problems arise.

In this regard, DeCero has a solid experience in the maintenance market. Choosing us will be the best option to avoid the concerns of the community.

What are the maintenance tasks in a neighborhood community?

The tasks in a community of neighbors can be divided into two types:

  • General tasks: they are carried out almost daily and are key to maintaining the image of the building in good condition and preserving it over time.

– Maintenance of telephone intercoms and common antennas.

– Cleaning of stairs, patios, landings, portals and elevators.

– Cleaning of the garbage containers and the room where they are stored, as well as the trip to the garbage collection place.

– Replacement and daily review of lighting in common areas.

– Maintenance and revision of the community fire extinguishers or any element against fires.

– Cleaning of external elements such as facades, drains and manholes.

– Repairs of elements such as locks or maintenance of areas with humidity and areas with damage.

– Maintenance and sanitation of gardens, which includes collecting leaves, pruning, fertilizer and lawn care.

– Maintenance of the swimming pool and sports and recreation facilities for children.

– Surveillance of the community, either personally or through video surveillance equipment.

– Use and replenishment of hygiene products for cleaning the named areas.

  • Specific tasks : they are usually carried out periodically during the year. Normally four or five times during an annual period. These tasks are usually done a few times a year, but they are still important and should not be forgotten:

– Review of the water supply machinery, such as boilers or hot water thermos.

– Adapting the air conditioning of the community to the corresponding season of the year.

– Cleaning of garages or parking lots of the community of neighbors.

– Maintenance of the elevators and revisions of the same.

– Pest control and prevention.

– Thorough cleaning and polishing of the floors and stairs of the buildings, as well as carpets or rugs, if any.

In short, all these maintenance tasks allow you to live in a community that is cared for and in good condition, ensuring its durability and avoiding short-term damage. At DeCero we know the importance of hiring a specialized, experienced company, since it is a key decision for the community and its residents. Do not hesitate, then, to contact us. We know how to do it with the best price-quality ratio, presenting a detailed budget.