Ideas to expand your house and enjoy your new space

Ideas to expand your house and enjoy your new space

In our house or apartment we always look for convenience, comfort, space.

Over time we want to make changes, too. Colors, textures, new walls, rooms, terraces, etc. Remodeling the house is one of the things that always comes to mind, we are always looking to increase the size of certain spaces, especially those dedicated to enjoyment and recreation. Here we tell you how at DeCero we can offer you different solutions that adapt to your budget and your idea.

  • An extension from prefabricated materials : An excellent alternative to expand an important place, such as the living room of our house, is from aluminum or thermopanel windows. These structures allow joining each other to form an extension or new space within the same place.
  • Terrace connected to the garden : If what we are looking for is a terrace within the garden, adding a robust roof and solid wall to the pillars of our terrace will help create a demarcated and independent space but always within the patio. What will allow us to make an extension of our living room and incorporate a comfortable outdoor kitchen, in which the television is also included as a protagonist.
  • Completely translucent extension: Do we want an extension of the living room of the house? we can opt for a solid structure but at the same time incorporate a translucent or polycarbonate roof, thus we will maintain good lighting and we will not spend so much on investment. The design of the place will play a fundamental role in the final result, because we can perfectly mix the rustic style with the modern.
  • Light and practical structure : Are we looking for a simple place to relax? This idea will confront you, because with wooden pillars that can be attached to the wall you can begin to create this structure, which will be the center of so many meals and good conversations. To cover the roof you can use a canvas and in the color that you like the most.
  • Recover those corners: If you have a small patio that looks gloomy and abandoned, with ingenuity we can illuminate it and change it completely. For a good result, it is ideal to add light colors on the walls, so the light bounces and makes the space a larger place. Including a translucent ceiling will also be vital for natural daylight. In this way, an ideal outdoor kitchen is achieved to share with friends and family on weekends.
  • Modern rustic extension: A new and daring way to make an extension is this, with a dividing wall and in the middle of the hill. However, the result achieved is dreamlike, the rustic mixture of the natural stone of the walls together with the earth colors, are complemented by the modernity of the furniture made of black iron, for example. Everything, together with an enviable panoramic view, you will enjoy the natural ones and the best sunsets.
  • A wonderful planada : A straight design is ideal for Mediterranean roofs, which can become incredible terraces to rest, enjoy a good conversation, and even host the best parties. It can be made entirely of wood, a leading element on the floor, the furniture and the ceiling, for example.

Do not hesitate to contact us to show you different expansion solutions.